Sep 7, 2006

Good words. Thanks Mom.

Often the difference
between a successful marriage
and a mediocre one
consists of leaving about
three or four things
a day unsaid.

-Harlan Miller

In response to which I think to myself, "Shut yo' mouth, fool-self!"


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    actually, its leaving 3 or 4 dozen things unsaid during the day....

    long-sufferin g-dad.

  2. i know my comment doesn't relate specifically to this blog entry, but we are smarting a bit over the growing gap between our "weather underground" readings and yours (currently a 30-degree discrepancy).
    smokin' in thailand (as in heat, not weed)
    p.s. yes, good words.

  3. Hey there. I'm a friend of Angel's. My mom has always said the same thing!!! I think it's so true. :-)