Jun 29, 2005

Drawing Class 2

Here's another ditty from my drawing class.

It was crazy. I completely lost track of time while drawing this...which I guess means I was using the 'right' side of my brain.

Fiddler on the Roof
[Vine charcoal and 4B Charcoal pencil]

Here's the text we're using for class:
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

I forgot to mention that when class was over, I was helping clean up by putting the eggs (see above) back into the container for the instructor. When no one was looking, I drew faces on them with my charcoal pencil. I wonder if anyone noticed the next morning whilst making their scrambled eggs?


  1. is it sad that the following phrase popped in my head??

    "it took me like three hours to complete the shading on the upper lip."

  2. really, though. I love how happy your model looks! I can see the fiddler in the little town. I really do love the shading, too. It does look like it took you a lot longer than three hours. :)

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    hey this is really terrific, it seems as though you are really liking the class and doing well!
    happy 4th

  4. Your blog is amazing! Fantastic! Super-duper! You inspire me to be more active...and I think I'm going to be now that I'm in such a better place with Jesus and all:) Just wish you were on xanga so it'd be easier to stay connected, but no worries -- I'm marking you as a favorite, babe! Oh...and I think I'll sign up for Illistration Friday...and maybe Photo Friday, too...and maybe anything else I can find out there!