Nov 13, 2005

Boba Tea : New Favorite Carb Source

So, I'm into Boba Tea. I first had it on a trip to East Asia in 1999 I think it was. It was 'weird' then and it's 'weird' now. But I'm quirky and I like quirky things...and Boba Tea (also called Bubble Tea) is one of them! Later, my best friend really got into it, ordered her own supplies and had a Bubble Tea Party. Well NOW, a local place has opened. It's sweet. You can check it out here: Boba Tea Company. Basically, Boba Tea is an iced drink (usually but not always tea) with a huge straw. At the bottom of the glass are these huge, chewy, black colored tapioca balls (like in tapioca pudding only gi-hugeous). So, find a local place and try some Boba Tea. But be careful, someone could seriously choke to death on one of those tapioca thingys and I can't be responsible for that.

Here's another Boba Tea resource: Wipedia Boba (Bubble) Tea Entry


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    gi-hugeous ... do you always make up stupid words?

  2. Do you always leave rude comments?

  3. Good comeback, Dee. :) Hey, thanks for putting me on your links, I'm like 2nd on your list. Feeling pretty special. :)