Mar 29, 2005

A New Journal

So today I started a * N E W J O U R N A L *.

Oh, happy day. I love the large, crisp, clean pages. Unlined. Waiting for me to think, write, sketch, quote, dream, doodle and etc. There's nothing like starting a new journal...unless its finishing an old one. I love the last few pages, too.

This new journal is a snazzy sassy fabric-covered red. I like it. It's big. It'll take me forever to fill it up. Hmm. Yummy!

I used to have a special journal for e v e r y thing. One for quotes. One for cool words. One as a diary. One for notes at conferences, interesting talks, etc. One with lists of books I've read. One for sketches. One for roadtrips. One for watercolors. You get the idea.

But now I've gone Spartan. Or is it Minimalist? These days I have one journal to put everything in. Man, I hope I don't leave this baby on a plane someday.


  1. one thing i have noticed about journals: God loves them too and wants us to keep them. Well, at least me. I've had this strange habit of losing both journals and bibles. And even stranger still is God's habit of bringing them back in some weird way (i.e. some drunk boy picks up a bible in a parking lot and sees my name, looks me up, and returns it). And there are more where that came from.
    But should you ever lose it and God doesn't bring it back...chances are good that it will just be too scrumdiliupmtuous for anyone to throw away. They will bask in the glory of your art. Well, maybe that's not a happy though--some strange reading your thoughts. But at least its a stranger and not someone who knows you. I don't tend to get embarrassed much in front of strangers.

  2. oh yeah...and you may want to try not to leave YOUR baby on a plane one day. That would be really bad.