Mar 29, 2006

Whoot whoot! Taxes Done.

Can I say 3 words? I LOVE TURBOTAX.
Can I say another 4 words? OUR TAXES ARE DONE.

I knew it was weighing on me, but it's really surprising how free I feel now that our taxes are DONE and ON THEIR WAY to the guv'mt. Who owes us, by the way.

Now that we're using Turbotax, I am never going PAPER OR HR Block. Paper: Because it takes too long and I always feel sure that I've missed something. HR BLOCK: Because I was seriously UNCONVINCED that the chick who did our taxes knew what she was doing. She just did not inspire confidence in me. That's bad. Plus, I think I found a mistake on our last year's forms!

Anyway, now on to the other items on THE MOTHER OF ALL TO DO LISTS. When we get a new scanner, I will scan it in so you can see, first hand, what kind of to do list I keep mulling around in my head. No wonder I'm perpetually stressed out.

P.S. 18 days left until YOUR taxes are due!


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    taxes are supposed to hurt.
    taxes should take a long time.
    taxes make mtns of papers.'

    taxes should be done old way.
    taxes cause hair to fall out.
    turbo tax is for yuppies.

    maybe next year

  2. You'll also love this: About two thirds of the way down into the article you'll understand why I'm sending you the link -- it has to do with a particular hair salon. It only gets a brief mention, but I can't find the place on the web other than a boring address. Anyway, I really thought you'd enjoy checking it out:)