Sep 19, 2005

Flying Aardvarks

So Hubby and I are playing on a recreational (indoor) volleyball league these days. Our team, the Flying Aardvarks, won last Thursday against a long-standing rival. We've got another game tonigt. Things I'm looking forward to:

1) Getting some exercise of the Volleyball Variety.
2) Getting some serves OVER and IN.
3) Winning. I like to win.

Phew...the rules are SO different from back in the day when I played in highschool. Here are some differences:

1) We play to 25, not just 15. But you still have to win by 2 points.
2) It's okay if serves touch the net, as long as they are over and in, they're good.
3) You can hit the ball with any part of your body! (One guy on our team kicked the ball twice last week and it was totally fine.)
4) There's a point scored on every play, regardless of which team served it.


  1. You're allowed to KICK it?? What kind of volleyball is that?
    Do you wear knee pads? I used to love just wearing my knee pads and was so proud when I wore holes in them. It was even cooler if I actually got to use them during a game :)

  2. Nope, these days I don't wear kneepads. But I do still dive, so that's cool. Actually, I believe that I have mastered the art of diving without incurring court-burns on my kneecaps. Sah-Weet!

  3. I love the team name. So beautifully random.