Jan 9, 2010

The Food Saga continues...

So, our little buddy has been having 'asthma-like' breathing problems for about 2 years now.

The pediatrician prescribed oral and internal steriods like albuterol. We use the nebulizer with the Albuterol when he's doing really poorly - a kid has gotta breathe, no matter how much his mama hates medicinals.

Then we went to an herbalist. I was told that pediatricians (according to the American Academy of Pediatrics) are not supposed to diagnose 'asthma' in patients under 5. It is supposed to be called bronchiitis. I think this would help keep kids from getting stuck under a lifetime diagnosis that many of them would probably grow out of! Anyway, she recommended 2 daily doses of licorice, mullein, grindelia, passion flower or wild lettuce, and goldenrod (during allergy season). Also, he's supposed to be drinking daily cups of licorice & burdock tea. Luckily, he likes the flavor. And lots of probiotics. Apparently, asthma/lung issues can be tied to problems with your adrenals. So some of those tinctures are to support your adrenals and the others are to help with night-time coughing.

Now, we've been to see a naturopath and finally had some offical allergy testing done (via blood work). Not cheap. Nice how insurance companies don't really recognize a need for FOOD ALLERGY TESTING. Sorry, just miffed. We've found out that our little buddy is extremely allergic to dogs (we have one), and moderately allergic to cats, cottonwood, soybean products (which we eat a lot of since we took Buddy off dairy as a little tyke and Hubby is lactose intolerant), wheat, eggs, tomatoes (I literally almost started crying when I read this one), and peanuts. These are all immediate allergens (you'd notice some issues in the first 12 hours of eating them). However, it's the delayed allergens (show up about 4 days later) that are really taking a toll on my psyche. Cow's milk, cashews, asparagus, egg whites, blackberries, coconut, flaxseed, buckwheat, cantaloupe, honeydew, teff and the list continues.

Mostly I feel really sad that this poor little guy has been breathing in these allergens (read 'dog epithelial cells') his whole life. And pretty much everything I've been feeding him has just been making it worse. I don't feel guilty. It's not that. I just feel sad.

But on the other hand, I'm so overwhelmed. HOW am I going to cook NOW? We're already wheat free, making baking hard enough. But now, no eggs either? Yikes.

I was reminded yesterday that "The earth is the Lord's...and everything in it." Which encourages me to think that it's going to be okay, that He loves my kid more than I do, and that He will help us figure out what to feed him. I'm also glad that we've been working with food allergy issues because of Hubby's allergies for years now, so it isn't AS MUCH of a blow as it would be if we were eating the SAD (Standard American Diet)!

Nevertheless, it's going to be a rough few weeks, I think, as we figure all this out. I think we will be forced to eat healthier - no one in our house is allergic to TOO many vegetables and we can all eat beef (grass-fed preferred - I'm going to need to figure out where to get that. We haven't eaten beef in MONTHS.)

And I guess we're going to have to switch to ducks. No sense having chickens if half of us can't even eat the eggs!

I just thank GOD that no one is allergic to rice. I wonder if I can get Hubby to build me a rice paddy rather than more raised garden beds?


  1. Oh wow, D - that sounds overwhelming! I'm so glad you're so resourceful...I don't know WHAT I'd do! Hang in there!!

  2. Daniela, I know you can do it! You always inspire me to try something new or change. I will be thinking and praying for you all in the next few weeks as you transition. And you just need to tell everyone in the family that they need to start eating beans (pinto and black are the yummiest) no matter how much gas they give everyone. :) We just bought a 25 lb. bag of pinto beans at the fruit store, and I can't wait to get cooking. We eat beans and rice a few days a week, and the kids love it. Thinking of you lots...

  3. Oh, I hear you, sister! We have many of those same allergies in our house too. Lots of #2's allergies come from latex related food (coconuts, bananas, avocados, etc). Will be praying for you as you seek wisdom in figuring this out! Love, Renee

  4. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I use natural herbs sometimes too, one of my daughters was diagnosed with asthma at 4 at had her tested for allergies. None are food allergies though and now that she is 17 it is mostly gone except sometimes once a month. Girls don't tend to out grow it because of hormones and she is still excised induced sometimes. Didn't find anything natural really to help her.


  5. Daniela,
    I am right there with you. Karissa has eczema over most of her body and for the last 5 years the pediatrician has only prescribed steroid cream and zytrec (which she has now built up a tolerance to so it no longer works). Her blood work from the naturopath came back very similar. She has a massive dust mite allergy and a allergy to cats (which we knew about). She also has food sensitivities across the board, and many of them are foods that are her main staples. One thing we did is we also had her tested for Celiac. Her blood work came back inconclusive so we have to do the endoscopy test. One thing my naturopath told me is that one massive allergy (like gluten or even dust mites) can cause a range of food sensitivities. However if you address the main allergy the food sensitivities can clear up in time. So while Karissa is sensitive to most of the food I give her we are waiting for Celiac results because that could be the culprit of it all. I empathize with feeling overwhelmed. When I am struggling with all of this I will try to remember you and pray for your family as well.

  6. *random stranger* oh man dude. my kid is alergic to all sorts of things as well, im a cat person and she is allergic. along with pretty much everything else on the planet. she has the nebulizer as well. and man is stinks.