May 9, 2005

Dear Uncle Charlie

I wonder how your trip to the beach went!? As for me, the most fun I had this week was Sunday. Sometimes, when I'm very, very quiet and my parents are running around like chickens with their heads cut off as they are trying to not be late AGAIN...sometimes, just sometimes...they forget to close the laundry room door.

It happened this week! Well, whenever that happens, I patiently wait until the garage door closes and then I go berserk! FREEDOM! Unrestrained FREEDOM!

This time I managed to have fun in every single room! In the office, I found an old candy bar wrapper. Can you spell 'shred'? In the baby's room, I found stuffed animals lying on the floor. One of them was Hawkeye, the baby's favorite stuffed puppy. I took him into the living room so he could lie in my favorite sunny spot. I also fondled some little stuffed critters with my teeth. Hmm yummy!

Then I did some really fast laps. When I get going really fast I can get the area rugs to move several feet!

In the bedroom, I jumped up on my parents' bed, just to see what was up there. Not too exciting. The bed was made, so I couldn't really get under the sheets to shed all over. Too bad. I did leave some footprints on the guest room bed, though.

In the bathrooms I found loads of tissues (in the garbage) to rip up and spread all over the place! It was great...except I think they may have been leftovers from someone's cold. Kind of gross, but by this time my time was short so I didn't care! When I heard the garage door open again, I hightailed it for my crate...nonchalantly waiting to see what they would do.

It was a great Sunday. I heard Mom mumble something about, "You better not even THINK about touching Hawkeye again."

They still haven't figured out how I got 4 of the baby's toys off his blanket in the family room into my special holes outside in the dirt! I'll never tell...

They think I may never grow up. But I've learned lots of things: Never EVER pull the stuffing out of someone else's toys, especially through the eye sockets. Never EVER make a noise when your parents leave...lest they remember to shut the door!

Little Liebe

Liebe (L) and Uncle Charlie (R)


  1. Dear Liebe,

    What is it with the shredding? Is it really all that much fun? Seriously, really? I jut don't get it.

  2. Dear Amy-

    This is Liebe. Yes, Shredding IS worth it. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I suggest 80lb. coverstock paper in pink. It gives you the best ripping sound with the least amount of resistance and wear on your teeth while still making you appear feminine.