Jun 21, 2005

Boycott Wal-Mart?

I've been thinking about boycotting Wal-Mart. Here are the results from my Google search.

Google Search of 'Boycott Wal-Mart'

Besides all the reasons found on these other sites, another good one is this: The blackbirds that live in the parking lot of my local Wal-Mart look very, very sick. That can't be good.


  1. I have been having my own little boycott for years. I don't go to Wal-Mart unless I'm pretty darn desperate (i.e. I'm really poor or it's really late).
    They're opening Neighborhood Markets all over the place now and putting in a new Supercenter at the corner of Curry Ford and Econ. Madness.
    So my question is: What is it about Target that makes the supercenter such a better experience? Both corporations are very philanthropic. Both are huge. Why don't I feel like Target is taking over the world, though?

  2. Because Wal-Mart is run by evil over-lords. Target might have an unruly munchkin or two behind the scenes, but in the end the muchkins don't want to take over the world. They worked through all of their inferiority issues (related to their small status) in therapy -- the emotional well-being has bled over into corporate practice, yadda, yadda...anyway...

    Seriously, boycott Wal-Mart. My parents' hometown has had some run-in's of their own with Wally. A group of concerned citizens (you read right) hired some lawyers (you read right again) and blocked them from two locations! I think Wally is going to build on location #3 -- at least they got a good hassling. So, if you're still looking for information about how Wally NEGATIVELY impacts communities, I can put you in touch with my Dad -- and believe me, their is a wealth of info out there on this topic!

    I just re-read all of this -- I sound so radical -- cool.

  3. Judy F.12:18 PM

    Wal-Mart does ruin small towns - in fact, it wipes small downtowns off the face of the map. I've seen this so many times, I've quit counting. This is the company's strategy - move into a community and get rid of the competition.

    The Waltons claim to be patriotic, and competition is supposed to be the American way. Wal-Mart's ridiculously low prices are not competitive, they are bought and paid for on the backs of thousands of young women and girls in China. Just how patriotic is that, ruining people in another country? No wonder the rest of the world thinks poorly of us.

    And, yes, Amy Medlock, I'd love to have an email conversation with your Dad about how Wal-Mart ruins communities, so please forward this to him, so he may respond.

    Judy F.