Nov 4, 2005

Diapers...millions of diapers.

I heard Americans toss like 46 million disposable diapers a DAY or something like that. That's a LOT of landfill.

I like cloth diapers, personally. I use them on Bubby. I use the ones I found over at Barefoot Baby. They are contoured, have elastic, and velcro closures. Good stuff. It works out well here in New Mexico, too. It's so dry and sunny here that these babies dry outside in the sun in no time! So I figure I help keep even more greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere that way.

But I'll tell you what I don't like. DIRTY POOPY SMELLY CLOTH DIAPERS.

That's all I have to say today.

Oh wait, one more thing. For those of you (DAD) who didn't think I'd actually USE the cloth ones for more than a few days (DAD), um. You were WRONG! Gotcha!


  1. those cloth diapers need some wet climate training. how about a month in december in wild wet wonderful western washington. then we will see how convicted you are. hey, there is rumor and evidence that you used Pampers on a recent trip. whats that all about? squeamish on the airplane perhaps?

  2. I will use disposables on trips. Overnight. But I figure I save the landfill from about 7 disposables a DAY. That's a lot of diapers over one babies pre-toilet-training lifetime!