Aug 29, 2005

Monsoon is a relative term.

Well, it's toward the end of Monsoon Season here. That means many afternoons we've gotten about 5-10 minutes of Sprinkle in the afternoon. You have to live in a desert for people to call THAT a Monsoon! But, being from the Northwest, I appreciate grey skies and cheery little rain clouds whenever I can get them. Whenever.

I like to catch the rain spouting down off our roof and use it on my flowers or compost pile.

I have to time my hanging of the laundry to miss the Monsoon each afternoon. The relative humidity is so low here that sometimes it's almost not worth worrying about clothes on the line during the Sprinkle!

Grey skies give me an excuse to make more coffee (known as Liquid Sunshine to us Northwesterners).

1 comment:

  1. That reminds me of a great memory of Anita and me in such a monsoon in ABQ. We were in our apartment when we saw the downpour ensue. For some crazy reason, we decided to head outside with our normal clothes on, and run through the pooring rain from puddle to puddle splashing all over. We've since grown up and don't do that anymore, though :)