Aug 10, 2005

My Dad Needs....

...his own blog.

Yah, blogging is RIGHT up Dad's alley. I mean, he writes stuff ALL the time and LOVES to have other people read it. But he's not SO techno-savvy. He looses files ALL the time. We'll get these emails, "Hey, remember that story I sent you over email about 2 and a half years ago? Do you still have it? I don't know where it WENT!"

Recently he was telling me about his 'i' key not working on the keyboard; he thought the best way to fix it would be to take the laptop out to THE STUMP.

[For those of you who don't know about my family, THE STUMP is where my dad puts appliances so that he can use them for target practice!]

But, for all his quirks, Dad is a great guy. He's funny, creative, and REALLY into shooting things. Especially bowling pins. THAT is another story.

Here's Dear Old Dad next to one of his deco-art projects. That's a Bald Eagle capturing a Salmon. The animals are made out of old bowling pins. The actual artistic genre is called "Pin-art".

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  1. Your dad sounds like a great guy! He would fit in great around here...real characters who like to shoot things!