Sep 29, 2005

I got Tagged.

Hey folks. I got tagged over on Junior High School. Here goes!

10 years ago (Sept 1995) I was:
* had just gotten back from a summer in East Asia
* very, very chubby
* very insecure and legalistic
* afraid of boys
* living with two of my Best Friends in Seattle with another B.F. living just down the street

5 years ago (2000) I was:
* living in the coolest town in Oregon
* with two sweet friends
* having tea parties all the time
* watching RED DWARF and DARK SHADOWS like nobody's business
* reading a Series of Unfortunate Events as fast as they were written
* clueless that I was about the run into the man who would become my Hubby.

1 year ago (Sept 2004) I was:
* just moved half way across the country and bought a house with my Hubby.
* just left staff with Campus Crusade for Christ
* 5 months pregnant
* starting a business
* homesick

Yesterday I:
* changed a stinky diaper and helped my Bubby pull himself up on the coffee table
* read part of Camille by Alexandre Dumas
* dusted my living room and baked bread (wheat-free!). I also repainted our range vent cover to match the rest of our kitchen.
* watched LOST, Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2
* didn't spend time with God

5 snacks I enjoy:
* chocolate chips, chocolate kisses, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa
* anything for tea: scones, crumpets, fig newtons, finger sandwiches, cookies
* popcorn, kettle-popped!
* did i say chocolate?
* apples or bananas with peanut butter. celery works too.

5 songs I know all the words to:
* Oh Love that Will Not Let Me Go (
* Backe Backe Kuchen (German equivalent to Patty Cake)
* You are my Sunshine
* Lullabye Baby-O
* Mr. Roger's Theme Song

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:
* get some programs started to help folks get out of poverty here in NM
* pay off our house & my parents' & my sister's & my brother's
* support a bunch of missionaries
* get our home's electrical system updated
* adopt a BUNCH of kiddos

5 places I would run away to:
* Anyplace in the Pacific NW especially where the sky is grey and drizzling
* Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
* Germany
* Heaven
* any mountain range

5 Things I will NEVER wear:
* tight faux leopard skin t-shirt with gold chains
* spandex biking shorts & matching sun visor
* string bikinis
* mohawks and/or mullets
* platform shoes (would make me taller than everyone I know)

5 favorite TV shows:
* Little House on the Prairie
* The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (PBS)
* Starting Over

5 bad habits:
* never putting stuff away
* leaving AFTER I need to be somewhere (and wondering why I'm late!)
* staying up too late
* being rude, selfish and inconsiderate
* procrastinating stuff I don't want to do

5 biggest joys:
* God's grace toward me, a sinner.
* My family
* doodling little aliens, creatures, whatever comes out of my pen
* sitting down to coffee and/or tea with a good friend

5 (or more) people I tag to do this:
* A Oh
* A Heck
* D & H Nagy
* EJ & A Johnson
* K Volpe
* T Anstett
* Hubby

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