Sep 23, 2005

Monster Tales

I was looking through an old box and found this story that I (or my little brother) wrote sometime in the distant past. Don't ASK me how long I've been toting this box around with me. HEY! I told you not to ask. ALL RIGHT ALREADY! Well, it's got stuff in it from highschool, and college, and before either of those! Anyway, here's the story. I think it's got some funny parts, for sure. I never finished it. Or maybe my little brother never finished it. Anyway, enjoy.

Clyde wasn't very old. But he was ugly and he was growing uglier every day. He lived in a forest with his mother and his father.

Father Monster was a big, big monster. He was very ugly, which was good. Mother Monster was even uglier, which was better. (Monsters make fun of pretty monsters.) All in all, Clyde and his mother and his father were lovely monsters - as monsters go.

All day Clyde played in the forest doing monster things, like making big holes and bumping into things.

At night Clyde should have gone to his cave to sleep. But he would not go to his cave.
"Why," asked his mother, "why won't you go to your cave?"
"Because I'm scared of the dark," said Clyde.
"Scared?" asked his father. "What are you scared of?"

MAN! This story seriously cracks me up.


  1. Ya, that story was great! I wish I was that creative.

  2. great form for having written it when you/joe were little! You had a very creative use of language that most high school students don't even have when telling a story!

    Oh yeah,it was really funny, too! You two should decide who wrote it and publish it.

  3. I vote for a modern day finish -- maybe they could write a smash hit pop tune about their feelings and acceptance and believing in yourself or something and then they end up with lots of friends and afraid of nothing or no one...or something like that...if you publish one I'll buy it:)