Oct 3, 2005

Dreams are Weird

Dreams are weird. Especially when you've had coffee, chloraseptic, and yogurt just before bed. Anyway, last night I dreamed this:

I drove my minivan to a convenience store/gas station and parked way back in the dark corner of the parking lot by the dumpster. I went into the store and got some stuff. When I came back out, I decided that I hadn't really parked in a safe place afterall, so I kind of made a wide circle around the van to make sure there wasn't anyone behind or under it. Coast was clear, so I hopped in and started the car.

Out of the corner of my eye, all of a sudden this guy comes out of nowhere! So I go to lock the doors, but I don't know how to do it because the minivan isn't mine. In all the hubbub, I accidentally hit the gas (instead of the "lock all the doors" button) and go in reverse. I thought I ran the guy over, but I only backed over his right hand. Then he got mad!

All of a sudden it was broad daylight and I realize I've run over the hand of a 70's-looking tennis player with a bandana around his forehead. He kind of looked like Desmond from LOST.


Things that are weird about this dream:
I don't HAVE a minivan.
I don't park in dark parts of parking lots, especially near dumpsters.
What was Desmond doing with his right hand under my minivan tire?


  1. Hey, dreams are weird, but can be very informative! I'm really into it -- well sort of anyway. But I do think they're our subconscience's way of telling us what we're really thinking about. Look up the significant parts of your dream for yourself: www.hyperdictionary.com Let me know what you find out!

  2. Very funny, I will look for you as being part of "the others" this week on lost. Love ya friend.

  3. hey yo, did you fall off the blogging wagon or what?
    Or even the whole internet wagon?