Dec 7, 2005

Power Tools...for Card Makers

I wanted to share my latest 'Power Tool for Cardmakers' purchase. Feast your eyes on this baby...

What you're looking at is a QCM 1200E Heavy Duty Stack Paper Cutter. Whoot! Do you have any idea how much easier this thing is going to make my life? It's on it's way RIGHT NOW. Sweetw. If you really want to read the specs, go to this page. Now, you may be wondering, as I am, why I failed to purchase this baby when I really needed it for this season's card rush. Well, I have no answer for that. I was stressed out by all the orders, and got stuck in a the rut of cutting them all manually (one at a time!) that I completely forgot that things like this existed!


  1. Nice purchase wifee. You're right we should've bought one of these puppies sooner. Hmmmm. Whack!

  2. Anonymous7:16 AM

    maybe someone should order some more cards just so you try the puppy out. hmmm, now what kind of thank you/xmas card would be appropriate for one's favorite chiropractor? maybe more info later.

    he who needs many happy chiropractors.