Feb 24, 2006

My Sister in Law's Sister in Law's Lost My Mind Salad

Lost My Mind Salad

Baby spring greens or fresh baby spinich
grape tomatoes
sliced mushrooms
thinly sliced red onions
sunflower seeds (out of the shell please)
pecans (toasted)
dried cranberries
mandarin orange sections - drained and patted dry with paper towel
raspberry vinaigrette

Anybody got a brand of Rasberry Vinaigrette to recommend?


  1. That sounds SO good! I'll let you know if I find a good raspberry vinaigrette.

    Funny, I just posted about food and a recipe too! :)

  2. ken's rasberry-walnut vinaigrette is good (& cheap) in the states(all they make is "light", but it doesn't taste weird to me, & i am picky)....
    while in a foreign country, i make my own:
    *2/3 c oil (any kind)
    *1/8 c vinegar (any kind)
    *2-3 tablespoons rasberry preserves
    *salt & pepper to taste
    *splash of OJ
    ....shake & enjoy!

  3. I don't know if they have it out your way, but Brianna's makes an incredible blush wine vinagrette (almost raspberry).

    And, hi!