Mar 20, 2006

Makin' Shelves with Marmee

My mom has always wanted to do How-To- Build-It shows. Sort of a Female German take on Tool Time or something. You know, how to build shelves, how to cut your counter in half (spontaneously) and rearrange your entire kitchen whilst also smashing your daughter's finger, how to rip out 1000 square feet of smelling-like-cat-pee carpet in the house you just bought, how to fill in a hole in a brick wall without your husband finding out ahead of time, stuff like that. Well, here we are painting some inset shelves for the end of my hallway. They turned out SWEET! Of course, I ended up painting the hallway, too, in order to set off the shelves. I'll have to take a picture of the finished product next.

I got good tips on sinking nails, filling in holes, caulking edges, and using up as many random screws as you can find in your tool chest lest you have to make yet ANOTHER trip to Lowe's!!


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    What brick wall? Where? When?

    the dad of the daughter and the husband of the german dingbat

  2. Go Girl --- !
    The Auntie in the East

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Them ladies know how to build nice shelves. I mean I'd hire them.