Jul 12, 2006

Up 2.

Been up to a lot lately. It mostly involves feeling dehydrated, dusty, and tired. Yup. You guessed it. More landscaping! Thankfully, the butt-load of chicken poo in our driveway has shrunk quite a bit. We're putting the rest under our to-be-delivered-Friday-sod.

I've found that if I get outside everyday to putz around in the yards, I feel so much better about life!

Here's my composter! *Which has got some sweet-o aromas, bug populations, and homemade dirt! Next to it you will see the tree-with-the-red-leaves, which-I-thought-was-dead. I'm glad I didn't just chop it down. I tend to do stuff like that.

This is a Century Plant, also known as Agave. These babies get really big and there's no telling when they'll bloom. But when they do, you can't miss it! They send up a huge spike (like 15+ feet) with these funky flowers on the top. Then the plant dies.

Since I just invested in four of these, I hope they don't bloom anytime soon.


  1. Daniela- you solved a mystery for us, a house on the corner had one of these plants that sent up its shoot recently and we wondered what it was, unfortuantly a storm knocked it over so we didn't get to see it flower.

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    chicken poo. hmm new mexico. hmm
    you gonna be really popular commodity when the hot sun starts cooking that stuff .....
    "odor police at doorstep, what do we do now? yikes, they have a warrant for our sodgrass! aaah."

    the dad