Nov 30, 2006

Apparently Arbitrary

It seems that several of you have been having 'problems' with my use of the word 'arbitrary'. Apparently, some of you think I shouldn't use the word as I have been. But I'm going to anyway.

Regarding the 'arbitrary parent rule of the day': I guess what I was trying to get at was the random spontaneous nature of the 'rules' that come out of my mouth as I try to keep up with my almost-2-year-old Bubby. They are arbitrary in the sense that they are based on my personal whims, with how I feel at the time...they are not something I sit down and think through before they 'happen'.

They are arbitrary rules in this sense (for example): I won't ALWAYS enforce the arbitrary rule that Bubby shouldn't drive his tractor book over his friend Gordon's face, but on the particular day in question, it WAS a rule. There may be times where it's perfectly acceptable for Bubby to drive his tractor book over his friends face!

1 comment:

  1. RULE ON!

    I love these arbitrary rules! I have been waiting to be able to use them for the last 30 years! (that and chewing gum whenever I want!)