Oct 21, 2007

The 3 Wise Guys Need Your Help!

We're looking for a catchy inside sentiment for this Christmas Card. If your idea is chosen, you will receive a FREE CARD for your Christmas-Card-Mailing-Pleasure. I'm serious.


  1. This is not original to me (it was inside a card I sent out once):

    "Wise men still seek Him."

  2. Allison Lee7:05 PM

    They followed a star.
    They brought their gifts.
    They worshiped the One Who is the greatest Gift.

    --you don't have to give us any cards, but if you use my phrase, that would be honor enough. :)

  3. ok, so i've pondered this for months. but i think i've got a good one for you.

    star search
    the original star search