Feb 28, 2008


Turns out the new leaf that Baby Girl turned over 2 nights ago was a mean cruel fluke of a joke! Yep, I was up several times again last night. Sigh. Yawn. And please don't tell me to just let her cry... that makes ME want to cry!


  1. Oh, man, I forgot about sleep deprivation - not looking forward to it!!

  2. tried "no cry sleep solution" by pantley? sorry if you've already tried everything... just wanted to help, but i know suggestions sometimes add to the tiredness!!

  3. here's the website... http://www.pantley.com/elizabeth/
    a bunch of excerpts & dowloads...
    basically she helps you to "wean" your baby from needing you to get (back) to sleep... first you are nursing to sleep, while rocking & shushing, & patting, etc (whatever you do), then just rocking & patting & shushing, then patting & shushing in crib, then just shushing from the doorway, etc., then no mommy needed!! lots of other things i am forgetting.. i am still at my ccci.org address if you have specific questions, but check out the site & the book (maybe in your local library?)... lots of good stuff.. easy to read & flexible (gives tips for crib sleepers, family bed, etc..) no one size fits all rules... lets you think through what works for you & your baby :)

  4. how's it (sleep) going??