May 23, 2009

Most Refreshing Summer Drink Ever

So, I'm sitting here drinking the most refreshing summer drink, ever.

Water Kefir! (Also known as homemade fruit soda.)

This batch is lemon/mint. Yums.

Here's the recipe:

1/2 cup turbinado sugar
12 raisins or so
1/4 lemon or if you're lazy, some lemon juice
1/8 tsp baking soda or so
A few sprigs of fresh homegrown mint (from my neighbor!)
1/2 cup water kefir grains (email me if you want some)

Dissolve the sugar in a cup of hot water. Add 3 cups cold water and the rest of the ingredients. Add 1/2 cup water kefir grains. (Water can be warm but not hot.) Cover with cloth and set in a warm place for 1-3 days. (I used to do 3 days but with the warmer weather, the grains are growing & fermenting all over the place. I like the drink after 2 days.)

Strain the kefir - you can reuse the grains - this time for 2 batches. My friends like to keep the kefir bottled tightly at room temp for another day to get it really bubbly. Then stick it in the fridge. Drink within a week or two.

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