Jun 28, 2009

Heather, Sweet Friend Extraordinaire

A good friend of mine died suddenly on Monday. What a shock. She leaves behind her husband and 4 little kiddos. She was seriously such a good mom. She'd never say she was perfect - but it was so evident that she loved those kiddos. And, so many of us who knew her would all go to her for advice. She always had a ready ear to listen, and while she was one of the busiest people I know, she never made me feel as though she didn't have time for me. Just the opposite. Who do you go to when the person you'd ask for advice (about grieving) is the one who is gone?

Dearest Heather,
we are going to have the biggest tea-room chat in heaven someday. Thank you for reaching out to me, for rooting for me, for encouraging me, and for being such a fun and sweet friend. I'm so thankful I got to know you. I love you. Can't wait to see you again.

I remember...
...you going right up to the homeless guys sleeping on the play structure telling them your kids needed to use it.
...you laughing because you'd covered one side of your notebook upside down and were always having to flip it over to start writing.
...all the time and effort you put into both our moms' groups. No one can ever fill those shoes.
...you wearing your Dr. Martens boots with your skirts. Sweet.
...you taking the time to tell me how to talk about sex with my kids!
...your honesty. Thanks for being open and real.
...you babysitting my baby boy at the last minute with out even batting an eyelash. And bringing me so many meals over the years.
...you carrying pictures of your babies with you months before you ever got to hold them.
...your email confessing how you'd just written something on your to-do list (that you'd already done) just so you could cross it off.

You were the best, Heather. I'll miss you so much. See you soon.


  1. big sigh... Heather - I'm sure you know this now, but Daniela would mention you often and how much she loved hanging out with you. I'm so glad that you both would sneak away to tea together instead of getting lost in the big group gathering. Thank you for being such a wonderful Jesus person. You will be missed.

  2. Brigitte8:42 PM

    Dear Heather, we have connected just a few times, but I will never forget you.
    You and your family touched my heart big time.

    You were so awesome, so real and cool and I remember the time when Daniela needed to bring cookies to the womens tea I was also invited to.
    Daniela dropped the cookies in the parking lot, they were widely spread all over the pavement. I helped her pick them up and inside
    she apologized to you for not having a treat (you were in charge of the tea) and mentioned that she put them into the trash can in the tea room.
    You said: Daniela...!!!!!!!
    and rushed over to the trash can, pulled them out and arranged them on a plate.

    We all had a good laugh.

    Now, tell me, how cool and real is that.

    Thanks Heather for touching my life and witnessing to me what real and true Love for Jesus Christ is like and last but not least, thank you for being such a good friend to Daniela.

    Daniela's mom