Feb 18, 2011

kinderdoodle : idea 2 : marble painting

Marble Painting! (not painting the marbles, but using the marbles to pain)

My kids love this and whipped out six amazing pieces yesterday.

The finished project! Reminds me of Jackson Pollock's work.


A pan for each child. (I used foil baking pans but cookie sheets with sides also work.) Cardstock, cut to fit inside pan. I taped these down with masking tape loops on the back.

Paint : lots of colors! (We used acrylic craft paints but tempura paint would work as well.)

 Marbles and egg carton. Spoons help.

Cute kids. Your kids don't have to be THIS cute, but it helps.

A certain amount of procrastination on the state of the kitchen. (Full disclosure here.)

It's very straightforward. Dip a marble into some paint and transfer it into the pan. You can use as many marbles/colors as you like - either all at once or one at a time. Experiment! Here's Sissy tilting her pan for maximum marble painting effect.

"tie-dyed marbles"

Please remember to use the kinderdoodle kid art mantra:

I can clean up when they're done. 
I can clean up when they're done. 
I can clean up when they're done.


  1. Now if I can muster up the courage to leave my kitchen dirty and hand Tasha some paint at the same time...love your blog Daniela!

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I love the look of the marbles at teh end!