Jan 2, 2013

re-purposed! (apple packaging)

If you know me (which you probably do, since you're reading my blog - hey friend!), then you know I love to re-purpose things. Here's my latest, possibly greatest. Ever.

Hand-painted gourds and glass ball ornaments fit oh-so-nicely into this plastic apple packaging. Isn't this a great idea?

The package (which is completely ridiculous for apples, in my opinion) is from Costco. I don't recommend getting a membership and/or buying your apples just for this awesome Christmas ornament packaging, however.


  1. I'm not sure anyone could afford the cost of one apple-turned-ornament-saver with a membership and biweekly hits to the wallet. I spend oh-so-much money at Costco, as my end of the fiscal year analysis told me. Love this idea, although all of our breakable ornaments are already broken.

  2. I really love this idea! You are so creative. Guess I need to go buy (and eat) a bunch of apples before I put away my Christmas stuff! :)