Jan 9, 2013

you know this, right?

I thought maybe I'd let you in on what seems to be a secret. When you are a book addict, like me, it's nice to have a more frugal way to feed the habit. Now, let me preface this next part by saying that I really prefer real books. You know, the kind made out of paper? With real covers? And pages? But...I'm out of shelf space (making #3 very helpful). So, I admit turning to eBooks (#1 & #2)

FREE (or basically free) BOOKS

Here are my favorite sources...

1 ) Gutenberg.org [Over 100,000 free ebooks...public domain - so very many classics. I downloaded the complete works of Jane Austen...for free! Yah, baby.]

2) Free Kindle eBooks for anyone with the free Kindle app
Or for those of you with Kindles: Kindle Owners' Lending Library

3) And last but not least:
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.
(Online book swap. I've swapped books 61 times, so I feel good about referring this to you! Just pay a couple bucks for shipping (when you send from your library) and receive the books you order for free. You get a free credit when you first sign up - so you can try it out. What a great way to let someone else enjoy the books you don't want anymore. Don't let the name throw ya, you can swap hardcovers, too.)

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