Feb 15, 2013

giftie for Bebo

The illustration with My Fave Pen
I've pretty much tanked on the last few holidays. I'm a terrible gift chooser! Especially for my husband. I always want so much for the gift to be loved. And then I psyche myself out. Of course, there's always this problem:
Repurposed Mat Board

Clear Glaze drying in the Sunshine
Me: What do you want for [this or that holiday]?

Him: I dunno. Maybe a CD?


Him: Or this one [usually very technical, specific and expensive using jargon like F-stop or mm or focal length or gigabyte or other similar what-have-you] thing with these specs.

Me: (to myself) Yah, I'm not buying and/or ordering that. I don't even know what 'specs' ARE. And I would totally get the wrong one. He knows it and so do I.

But, this Valentine's Day I decided to make a little giftie. I got the idea from the illustration I did for the Illustration Friday challenge last week.

And I think he liked it.

Things I learned:

1) Try to have your project done more than 15 minutes before he gets home from work. It's less stressful that way. And it's also dry by that time. Not that I would know. On second thought, why not even finish it a day or two early?

2) Sewing scissors? Really?

3) Mat board is very thick. And I can't cut a straight line. I hope he didn't notice.

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