May 17, 2005

Dear Liebe

thanks for your neat letter. Yup, being loose when
your people are away is really good....Somehow, since
i behave when my people are away, they dont pen me up
much. guess they think no one around to bite, is

the trip to the beach wasnt quite as expected. they
kept me in the dang cage for much of the trip,
especially after i got wet and muddy.

the almost good part was when chief stopped and said:

"LOOK, a whole herd of elk!"

i ran around the inside of the car really fast, but
they wouldnt let me out....i guess in my frustration
briggie ended up with a fang scratch....not sure how
that happpened by i did cover 3 miles in about 2
minutes. omi and hildegaard and jutta were screaming
"help help save us from the dog"
those elk were really big. i bet i could have drug
one over to the rig.

they didnt sing many german beer drinking songs but
holy cow....can you imagine 11 hours and 42 stops. it
was terrible!!! but the chief found a complete whale
skeleton at the beach!!! 38 feet long. but he
wouldnt let me chew on the bones....drat. why there
are enough bones on a whale to last you and me least a month!!

and then hildgaard and jutta got lost in walmart
parking lot, when we found em ....they had a whole
bunch of plants and i had to ride with all these
smelly weeds.

so we've been back for a week, and my nose is hurting,
really bad. Chief looked at it and said:

"holy catfish, its a tick. Woman, bring the

well i can tell you i put up quite a battle. ended
up with the two of em holding me in towels and
such....but he finally got hold of the tick and ripped
it out..... I will wait till one of these nights when
he's sleeping and rip his big toe off.

enough of this, theres a shoot this weekend (that chief is taking me to) and i
need to get hungry so i can eat all the left over hot
dogs and chips and such.

with practice, and lots of good food, I can now belch
as loud as Chief.


[For those of you who aren't familiar with the characters in the this story:
Chief is my dad.
Charlie is his dog.
Liebe is my dog. Liebe calls Charlie 'Uncle Charlie'.
Omi is my granny. Hildegaard and Jutta are friends/relations.
The person referred to as 'Woman' is my mom. She's also called Briggie.
Please scroll down to see Liebe's original letter to her Uncle Charlie.]

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