May 20, 2005

Illustration Friday : Aquatic

Here's Robot 052872 in his natural habitat. This was done in honor of my sweetie's birthday. I'm not really sure WHY or HOW Robot 052872's natural habitat could be so aquatic, as I've heard salt water can be kind of corrosive and problematic for diodes and gears and thingys like that...

[Ink snazzed with Illustrator.]


  1. You know, it does seem a little ironic, the natural habitat and all. Have any of your other little friendly creatures ever been in a computer generated backfground before? Its so funny to see him all swimmy! (I like that term...a friend of mine used it and I liked it).

  2. I like this a lot! The background has great depth, and I love the rich colours and shine on robot. (I don't know any techincal illustration terms, please excuse!)
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog, too!

  3. Is that me as a R O B O T ?
    pretty cool. I like his number.

  4. You're sneaky.