May 25, 2005

Subtle Pressures

I've been thinking about areas in life where I feel subtle pressure.

1) When I take my new baby out in public! There is this subtle pressure to make sure he's dressed right (i.e. cool and trendy) and all times! Talk about 'achieving the impossible'.

2) Having a BLOG. There's this subtle pressure that ALL THESE PEOPLE will (should-would-might?) visit and comment on my BLOG. Thank goodness for my good friend Amy or there'd be ALMOST-NO COMMENTS on my little blog...accept for mine! Yonks!

Does anyone else feel subtle pressures like these? What are your's centered around? Where do you think these 'subtle pressures' come from? Is there a factory somewhere? Does it really MATTER if my baby is trendy (trust me, HE has no clue) or if my BLOG is popular? I don't THINK so...but then again...maybe?


  1. Yours is my favorite Blog ever!
    Your Sweety.

  2. hi ya -
    subtle pressures are all over

    mine include - get to work on time,
    yeah right, like that is gonna happen in dc metro area.
    is me blog popular? funny i didn't start out with that in mind, don't get hung up on it!
    you get to live in NM :)