May 26, 2005

The 'Paris' Commercial - Rant #1

Is it just me, or is the new Paris Hilton/Carl's Jr. commercial really offensive? I mean, come ON people, can we just advertise a hamburger creatively without demeaning the entire female gender in 45 seconds? Shame on you, you advertising types! You get paid millions of dollars for an ad campaign and all you can come up with is a woman with seemingly no self-respect flaunting herself in front of a camera?

Can you spell "t a s t e l e s s"? Let's just say, "You won't see ME at Carl's Jr. anytime soon."

Yes, I did my part, I wrote Carl's Jr. an email (in 200 characters or less *argh*) and told them we wouldn't be patronizing them again!


  1. So is Carl's Jr kind of like Hardee's? They use the same star logo, so I wondered. I've never heard of them, being an easterner.
    So ummm...Paris Hilton and a hamburger? It doesn't so much seem her style. I don't really get her. She really does seem to have some identity issues. Money isn't all its cracked up to be.

  2. Yah, I think they are the same chain because the Logo is exactly the same. Shame on Hardee's, too! :)

  3. What if Paris Hilton likes to do that because it is fun?

  4. I suppose it's possible that Paris thinks its fun.

    But just because something is 'fun' doesn't mean it's 'right' OR in 'good taste'!

    Thanks for your comment.