Jul 19, 2005

Superhero? :: Anxiety Girl

As I was teaching Sunday School, one of the kiddos raised his hand and said, "After story time, I want to be the superhero that has electricity shoot out of his finger for REAL." (As opposed to pretend electricity). "Like this!", he said, whilst pointing his first finger at me. It was very cute. One of the other kiddos came up to me and whispered in my ear, "What kind of superhero are YOU going to be?"

I couldnt think of anything.

Have noticed lately that I feel an inordinate amount of anxiety about things. It's really crazy. Anxiety about going camping (with Bubby) soon, anxiety about trying new things, anxiety about things I haven't done in a while but would like to try again, anxiety about the future and retirement (?! which is like 40 years away), anxiety about my health, anxiety about the Bubby, anxiety about making friends in a new town, anxiety about the Hubby, anxiety about future travel plans and what to do with Liebe, anxiety about our business...and the list goes on.

Ack. So, I will be Anxiety Girl! I will search the cosmos for any and all anxious psyches and shall lovingly blast them with my Wand of Peacefulness! Tranquility and calmness will follow in my glittery wake!

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