Sep 9, 2005


I'm at home in the PNW visiting my family. It's been really fun to hang out with family and friends. Little EJ has gotten to see my friends Tina and Sherri, and also his Auntie Martina and Uncle Ken and cousins Mikki and Zander. One day EJ FILLED up his diaper and his cousin Zander ran out of the house yelling, "EJ IS REEKING UP THE WHOLE HOUSE!" It was funny. Mikki just stood nearby and said, "EEEeeewww. Groooooossss."

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  1. So THAT's where you are. I called you last night just to say hi. You're never on IM anymore! Of course I'm never at my desk anymore. It looks like we've both got issues.
    Have fun in the NW!