Nov 17, 2005

Thanksgiving Turkey

This year I will be roasting a myself...for the first time! We're having Hubby's family over for Thanksgiving, so I do hope it turns out well, or even just edible! Here's an excerpt from a friend of mine about HER first Thanksgiving Turkey experience:

When my husband and I cooked our first bird by ourselves we had a riot. We could not have been more clueless. We didn't take the giblets (?) out of the neck so after it cooked this "baggie" looked like it was coming out of the hind-end of the turkey. (We didn't even know the neck from the hiney.) My husband asked me what it was and knowing he would gross out (like me - we're both wimps) I just said "Oh, nothing". Later he said "Was that it's poop-bag?" WHAT?! Like it had some kind of catheter or something!?

I thought this story was hilarious. Thanks for sharing it with me, CC!


  1. i say make brian pull out the giblets and neck! my hubby does most the work, then we use a bag to cook it in... pretty handy.

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    yeh, well danja's mom wasnt real successful with her first turkey which was naturally the first turkey she ever saw. and she had significant challenges with other turkeys, especially plucking them in the bathtub.

    the dad