Nov 26, 2005

Tent Rocks National Monument

We went hiking yesterday. It was SO good to get out-of-doors. I could feel my heart and soul expanding, just by having open space (no cars, no city-smell, no sirens, no airplanes flying over).

Here are pix from the unique-scape at Tent Rocks National Monument.
This is from the beginning of the hike, at the bottom of the ravine.

This is half way through, just as you start up out of the ravine.

Here are a few 'tents' from the top. We could see for miles!

My cute hiking family. We forgot our lunch in the car!

My CURVES membership must be doing me some good, because I carried the Bubby all the way to the problem! Hubby carried Bubby down, even though I wasn't tired. I mean, I've been carrying this kid his whole stinkin' life! What's another 3 miles uphill?


  1. briggie11:08 AM

    Wow, awesome place...... and a really cute hiking family....

  2. can you all get any cuter??

  3. I guess if we had more babies that might make us more cute.