Jan 22, 2006

A Big Step

I did a big thing today. I asked my church to pray for me. Every week the pastor says, "Are there any prayer requests?" and then we pray over those things as a church. Today, I raised my hand and said that I'd been feeling a lot of anxiety. Of course, I started crying. But it was good to be prayed for, and it reminded me that I can trust God to take care of me.

Why was this a big deal? I dunno. I'm a major introvert and spend my 'life' inside my head, in my thoughts. But it's lonely in here and I realized I needed some PEOPLE, some fellowship with PEOPLE and with GOD.

Being a person-with-hermit-tendencies when you've got the HoHums in a daily way is not a 'good thing'. But, I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank You God.

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  1. i totally hear you... and may i add, that my own in-my-headedness has led to more than one crying spell for me lately... thanks for the encouragement... "let us spur one another on...."

  2. I was blinded by the broccoli growing out of my head and didn't read this. That's a really big step. I'm really proud of you that you took it.
    Maybe I need to do that more often. I hate being messy, but I feel closer to God in the middle of it.