Jan 24, 2006

A Card that Makes Me Laugh

Hey Folks-
For those of you following the saga, I'm coming out of my funk.
Here's a new creation...a card that really makes me laugh. We'll see what the general public feels about it...this is a tribute to all my curly-haired comrades out there!

Click the image to find this card!


  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    broccoli is a whole lot better than say, asparagus, or kohlrabe.


  2. i am sitting in my house this morning reading this... & i think i have broccoli head. i feel very exposed.

  3. One of my favorite expressions that I don't use us "they were looking at me like I had broccoli growing out of my head." But I don't often use it because people will then look at me like I have broccoli growing out of my head.