Feb 10, 2006

Italian Dressing

I can't handle it. There's just something about my sister in law, Julie's, Italian Dressing. That stuff is stinkin' good. I could seriously eat 3 huge plates of salad just to have an excuse to drench it with that dressing! I KNOW how she makes it. She buys a mix at the store and adds water, vinegar and oil. But Still. If I made it, you and I both know it wouldn't be as good.

Which brings me to another point. Am I spelling Italian correctly? My senior year in highschool I did some kind of essay on Italy and I spelled Italian incorrectly the ENTIRE time. I was Mort-i-fied with a capital MORT! (Although I did console myself with the fact that at least I'd been consistent in my wrongness.) I was even MORE mortified when I realized I'd spelled 'separate' incorrectly as well...even AFTER my teacher had carefully informed the class before we handed in our final drafts, that incorrectly spelling 'separate' was one of his pet peeves.

Of course, this was in the days of the early word processor. Not even sure I knew what "spell check" was in those days. As a matter of fact, I don't think I knew how to mix my own Italian dressing then, either.

Which brings me back to Julie's Italian Dressing. Yum. Thanks for the salad, Juls!


  1. Salad dressing is incredibly important and I'm glad you've opened this forum in which to discuss it. Today, for the second time, I suggested lunch at Red Lobster purely on the basis of their honey-mustard. It's amazing. I can't find anything like it. Not too sweet, And perfect amount of salt, nice mustard-dy flavor.
    And did I mention that I don't like fish and think their french fries are sub-par?
    Yep. It's all about the honey-mustard dressing. And the cheese biscuits. Those too.
    Maybe Julie should sell them her dressing so we could go and have a happy lunch there together.

  2. Julie4:00 PM

    Thanks for the complement, Daniela!
    My family tends to eat more salad as a result of this dressing too. And did you know that if you follow the low fat recipie on the package (add more water and less oil) that it tastes just as good? What a bonus!

    Now Amy has reminded me of the absolutely fabulous raspberry sauce that Pelican's serves with their coconut shrimp! Yum!

  3. Ancient Italian secret: never wash the container!

    And see, Julie misspellled compliment just to make you feel loved!