Apr 28, 2006

So, I'm finally back.

Hey. I'm finally back. Our computer is back from the shop! (Puh-LEASE do NOT ask me what ended up being wrong with it OR how long it took the tech dude to figure it out.) Let's just say 'something stupid' and 'a very, very long time'. So, we also got our digital camera back, too. It seems that everything electronic was acting up at the same time.

Well, everything except our trusty cell phone. This baby is ANCIENT, especially in cell-phone years. I mean, the poor thing has been dropped so many times...and lately has gotten chewed and drooled on quite a bit, considering. But it keeps going. Actually, I think one of the drops actually fixed something because before that I had a problem dialing anything with a 6 in it! I must admit, that I'm holding the thing together at the bottom with transparent tape.


Well, it's the PRINCIPAL of the thing. Our cell phone company, which will remain nameless, but it's initial's are "T-Mobile" wouldn't give us a free upgrade the last time I asked because 'You only had your last plan for 11 months, and now that you're on a lower (read: cheaper) plan, you can't get a free phone. Hmm. So, I'm on the lower plan because it's easier to afford, so they charge for the phone. COME ON! It was only 1 month difference and I've been their customer for like EIGHT STINKING years.

SO, since I can't switch companies, as it's the most reasonable for us with the minutes/cost, I have to make a statement by figuring out how long I can make this cell phone last.

We can't even get a car charger for it anymore because 'it's so old we don't carry them anymore'.

Anyway, all that to say, I'm back. I think I just rambled there, but I guess I had a lot to get off my chest.

PLEASE visit my Dad's blog to see the latest few posts. That man CRACKS ME UP. Who knew that he would ever turn out to be such a hoot? You've really loosened up over the years, Dad.

Oh, and did you know that there are FLOWERS THAT SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE? Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? I'm planting some out front, soon.

Last but not least, look what my husband and brother did for me two weeks ago. In case the picture is too small for you to be able to tell, they are building me a porch cover! It's so great. Thanks guys.

Joe and Brian almost done with the porch cover.

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  1. glad you're back. Maybe I'll come back, too one day if I weren't so freakin out of my mind busy and overwhelmed with life. I hate it when that happens.