Aug 13, 2006

the Other Day...

Outside. Yard. Working. Snails. Everywhere. Done. Walking. Feel Something. On Foot. Slimy. Wig Out. Kick. Get It Off Me!

Nothing. Imagination. But...

Kicked. Rock. Hard.

Toenail. Gone.


See Below.


  1. You are a true artist...I can actually feel the pain of that event! I have to go get some aspirin.

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    wonderful wild wet western washington woman:

    if you are in ABQ,
    and it looks like a slug,
    do NOT kick it.

    if its in your shoe,
    and it looks like a slug,
    do NOT mash on it.

    the dad

  3. My dear wifee's toe looks like a glob of strawberry jam where the toenail used to be. Eeew. She's tough though - played volleyball tonight. Yeah!

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  5. couldn't spell in the last post, so i will try again....
    man -- i hear you... the snails in my yard give me the heebeejeebies, too... i'll have to remember not to kick, bc i am often wearing flipflops of unprotection, as well... thanks for sharing your experience that others may learn & hopefuly keep all their toenails in tact... ouch!!!

  6. Cheryl12:32 AM

    Are you missing the blood drippings and any other words of excitement? (Just kidding!)