Aug 23, 2006

Our Recent Trip

Recently, my Hubby and I took a little anniversary get-a-way. It was a get-a-little-away, as we were only about 40 minutes from our home. We spent the night at a very nice place, Blue Horse Bed & Breakfast. Seriously, check it out.

BUT, as can only happen in NM, here's what the lot across the street looked like.

On our way home, we took the long way through a quaint artist/hippy town. Saw some amazing art. Very exciting. But, whilst leaving town... well... that's when we saw this. [click photo for larger view]

After we got back to town, on the way to pick up our little Bubby, right in the middle of the Big City, we saw this. (This reminds me of something from my childhood. Only it was a big Orange Ford SuperTruck with 2 full-grown llamas in the back.)

And after picking up Bubby, driving through town, I was inspired to have my car fixed here, the next time it's having problems. Doesn't this sign make YOU want to have your car fixed by these people?!


  1. And I thought only people in the North County/Yacolt lived this way!! You seem to have found a warmer "home away from home"!! They definately make life interesting!

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    the second photo looks just like the pile of stuff in the home garage, waiting to be trucked to ABQ.