Sep 28, 2006

We Built It!

Here I am sitting on the newly completed wall in our front yard. We were planting some native plants at 10 pm with the light from the flood lamps Hubby got from his brother. It felt funny, being out there with this spotlight on us, planting plants... wondering what folks were thinking as they drove by.

It was sort of like a live nativity scene at Christmas, only it wasn't Christmas and we weren't enacting the nativity.


  1. and other than the obvious coolness in the air, is there a reason why you were doing this at 10am? It looks very cool, though.

  2. Well, we'd been working out there since about 8pm. Mostly working at night just because that's when Bubby is asleep!

  3. If you are worried about what passers by think, just turn out the lights. That's what Nancy does. She does lots of gardening at midnight or 1 AM, because by then the chores are done and you can finally get down to it.

    P.S. I had trouble posting a comment on you hubby's blog, so here it is: I think his photos of spiders and the thistle (or whatever it is) are spectacular. Reminded me of my father's art photography of decades ago. Also, on The Little Sprout blog, he is so cool! That boy goes everywhere and does everything!