Apr 19, 2008

My husband is a HERO

Two THOUSAND souls are thinking my husband is a hero today! Here's a picture:

We're talking about vermiculture at our local MOPS meeting on Tuesday and needed worms. They were express mailed to me, but I didn't hear the postal carrier ring the bell (out working in the yard). I thought he'd just leave the package...but he didn't...and I wasn't going to be able to pick it up until Monday morning! I seriously don't think the little dudes would've made it that long in a box. (This all happened last minute because a prior shipment of worms got left in a hot car...)

My amazing husband drove off and found the postal carrier in some other neighborhood and got the package for me! What a fiasco. But a great story.

These little dudes are all going to different homes on Tuesday. We're doing our part to save the planet, one worm poo at a time!

The great thing is, you can do this whether you live in the city, a condo, an apartment or a tent! Using worms to compost is not only faster than regular composting (you know, outside in a boring old compost pile) but worm poo is also a great natural fertilizer - oh, the benefits are endless.

Here are the kind folks who shipped our worms last minute: Durham Worm Farm
Here are directions to making your own worm-condo: Worm Bin Directions
Here are basic instructions: @earth911
Here's another fun & helpful worm site: Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

Or you can just type 'vermicomposting' into a search engine. Try Blackle.com.

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