Jun 22, 2008


So, I've realized that I really like gardening! And apparently I'm not as much of a black-thumb as I thought. I've been having great successes!

1. Made raised beds. (Okay, Hubby made them. I just helped.)
2. Filled them with compost. (We paid our nephews to do that.)
3. Built some bird netting cages to protect them. (Hubby made the frames and I attached the netting.)
4. Got seeds to sprout! (God did that.)
5. Transplanted seedlings and they didn't all die. (Again, miracle.)
6. Rescued plants from Bubby's cutting-the-tops-off-with-his-kid-scissors and the late frost/ice/cold snap.
7. Watered without fail using greywater when possible. (With the help of my hubby, our housesitter, and a new drip system.)
8. The plants are growing and flowering and we've got baby zucchini and baby acorn squashes ripening!

Maybe I'm more of a project manager than a gardener. Still I feel accomplished.

Here are the baby cherry tomato plants I grew from seed. (The original plant volunteered itself out of some compost last summer and I figured it must be some kind of survivor to actually make it through under MY care and produce fruit...so I saved seeds.) This picture was taken on about May 25th. The plants are now about 20" tall.

Now back to my original subject. I was talking about how I love gardening. I love looking at the plants, the flowers, the bugs, checking for fruit, guessing how much the bean vines grew over night, etc. Well, when I love something it really distracts me from other things...like the eggs I put on the stove for breakfast the other day. Mind you, I put them on really, really low as I knew my tendency...

P.S. I didn't eat these.

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  1. distraction is a problem for me too!