Jul 11, 2008

ChaCha. Good Answer

So there's this cool new service I heard about. It's called ChaCha. It's like you call or text a question from your mobile and they will look up the answer for you and text it back to you! Say you need movie times to a theater across town while you're at Target! Say you wonder, whilst in the drive-thru, how much sodium a BigMac* has.

Voice: 1-800-2ChaCha
Text: ChaCha (242242)

*This is a hypothetical question only. Doods does not condone and/or encourage eating at McDonald's unless under duress** or major emergencies.

**Duress in this sense could include the need for an indoor, air-conditioned playground for your 3 year old to burn up some energy in. In those circumstances, partaking at McDonald's might be allowable, as long as you only order coffee. And maybe an Apple Pie. And you take along hand-sanitizer to shower your kid in when he's done.

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