Sep 10, 2008

I love dirt.

So, I want to be a farmer. I think. Here are some tomatoes from my out of control tomato plants, some cucumbers from my ho-hum cucumber plants and some lemon cucumbers from the most prolific lemon cucumber vines you have ever seen. (Let me know if you'd like some seeds). Yum. Organic, baby. (The record holding tomato weighed 14.5 ounces.)

I keep getting advised to cut back the tomato vines, but I just don't have the heart. I've never had a garden before. I waited all summer for these things to grow and now I'm supposed to cut them back? Where would I start? That's as bad as ripping little seedlings out of the ground and calling it 'thinning'!

There are at least 30 green tomatoes in the works, too. And dozens and dozens of blossoms. One of the vines (I have 4) has grown up into the neighboring tree and is blooming at about 10 feet off the ground. I'm serious.

I have tomato seeds, too. Want some?

1 comment:

  1. Seeds? Yes please. And here too is a happy recipient for any excess from your tomato vines. Please don't cut back! There are black thumbs all over the place just hoping for some windfall! I'll even brave the 10 foot heights to harvest the unreachables.