Nov 26, 2008

Christmas 'Used but Good Gift' Swap

Hey I just had a great idea for a Christmas gift exchange! It's of the reduce/reuse/recycle variety. Here it is:

We all have more than we need. But most of us also have other things that we need or want. Now, I personally don't mind used things (you know, depending on what it IS). Used books, used shelves, etc. Wouldn't it be great if instead of boxing up all our old stuff and hauling it over to Goodwill (which is a great idea, in and of itself) that we did a 'gift' exchange with local family and friends? Here's how it works... (reminiscent of Freecycle but with people you know and around the holidays):

1) Make a 'want' list of those things you need that you don't mind receiving used.
2) Make a 'have' list for things you're thinking of getting rid of.
2b) Swap the lists within a group of family/friends.
3) If someone wants something you have, wrap it up and give it to them for Christmas!
4) Hope they do the same for you.
5) If you have anything left that you still want to get rid of, swing over to Goodwill or offer it on Freecycle.

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