Dec 13, 2008

Not Sew Easy

So, you may or may not know about my desire to make our Christmas celebrations more about Jesus than the gifts. But you can't NOT give gifts. (Well, I guess you can, but we're not going that far.) Anyway, in an attempt to spread the joy whilst also making vs. buying things, I sewed my first baby doll dress for Sissy's doll! Okay, I realize it's really not that cute, but I feel the matching hand bag is a slightly redeeming factor.

Sissy is going to be extra excited, as she hasn't seen Baby for at least a week!

Bubba's gift to Sissy is one of his kid-sized pillows with a matching pillow case we made.

My mom said that her doll used to always disappear around Christmas and then end up under the tree with a new outfit made by Omi. So, this is my continuation of that sweet tradition.

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