Feb 23, 2009

Officially a Mother Hen

They chicklets are finally here! I'm officially a Mother Hen now!

We're planning to go with STAR WARS themed names, though most of the available choices aren't really feminine and the chicks are, of course, girls.

Here's Luke Skywalker, looking for a way off of the planet Naboo.

Here's Luke whining into the pellets while Han Solo looks for a way out of this joint.

Here's Han Solo strutting her stuff on top of the pellet pile. You can see Darth Vader (L) and Princess Leah (R).

Here they all are waiting to escape from the trash compactor in Episode IV. Some of these characters weren't actually in that scene, but their names are, from top to bottom... Princess Leah, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca (head hidden), Bubba Fett (Named by Bubba, thus the small change in the spelling of this characters name), and Han Solo.*

*Names subject to change.


  1. Random blogging--

    Those pictures are adorable and the captions are so clever!! Good luck with the Star Wars cast!

  2. your status as one of my favorite people on the planet remains secure.

  3. They are SO CUTE and fluffy! I can't wait to see them before they get feathers!!!

  4. They're soooo cute! Good luck